Living Softly is a lifestyle.

For the past 10 years I have designed clothing that is both soft on the skin and on the Earth. With refreshingly clean lines, ethically produced textiles, and a conscious supply chain, I choose feeling over fashion, making product that is so irresistible to the touch that your smile becomes your most beautiful accessory. Clothing that, when it touches your body, you simply melt. As I've cycled through countless iterations of designs while pressuring myself to keep up with the fast-paced fashion timelines, what I began to question is that, while I started DINO with the goal of creating feminine clothing out of luxurious fabrics that would touch the wearers body and soul, why would we stop at clothing, when living softly extends far beyond the closet? 

DINO Habitat is a capsule of eco-luxe essentials for the home. Inspired by my passion for minimalism, the clean lines of Midcentury Modern architecture and the dusty roads of my Midwestern roots, Habitat combines modern shapes with soulful materials to bring serenity to your mind, body, and space.