Live Softly.


What is it to Live Softly?


The answer really depends on you. When I was a child, my mom often took my sister and I to the forest to

hunt for gnomes. We would wander through the forest, peering into fallen trees and under piles of moss, only to find

the footprints of a gnome who may have been there only moments before. What I remember most about these 

adventures was looking into the dead hollow and mysterious trees, smelling the fresh living forest, and feeling the

purity of the earth surround me. from these simple adventures, we learned the gnomes were the caretakers of the

forest, and to respect their home and the homes of all living creatures. 


today, as an adult with a child of my own, I am still a believer. I believe that the simplest adventures teach

the greatest lessons. That of all the things my mom and dad taught us - respect for the forests or the fields or

the gnomes or our friends or ourselves - the largest lessons often blossomed from the smallest of seeds.


so, to me, to live softly is to live simply. to create space around us. to declutter mind, body, and relationships,

and to practice the truth of "what is less is more."


On this canvas, we look forward to sharing stories from our community of women who, just like you, 

are committed to living a fuller, simpler, and softer life. 


Live Softly.