the lush throw

summer's softest staple


    The Lush Throw ... our cult classic wear-anywhere, be-anything soft must-have year-round favorite. For the plane, for the car, for poolside or beachside. For baby, for breastfeeding, for post-surgery or post-workout. For meditation or doing nothing at all. For woman, man, child, or pet. Unsurpassed softness, endless possibilities! 
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"I just got my jumpsuit and joggers, and oh wow, they are beyond amazing!!! I am so impressed and enamored, and am already your biggest fan! Eco-friendly, comfy, flattering ... this is everything!"


"I wanted you to know that your craft is what part of what makes me feel good and confident on a daily basis! You are amazing!"


"Ok seriously, I feel like Mr. Rogers these days in the fact that I switch out of one DINO item into the next every day. I literally live in your clothes!"


"I bought your Track Set and I absolutely love it. My roommate has already been making fun of me for so much outfit repeating. I told her outfit repeating is the best, because it's sustainable!"



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botanical cashmere?

Botanical Cashmere takes softness+sustainability to a whole new level with a plant-based fabric that feels like cashmere, but without the hair. As we like to say, “no goat, no guilt.”

We've engineered a fabric made of one of natures most regenerative building blocks, the pulp from the beechwood tree. While most sweatshirts get their softness from either polyester or animal hair, we get ours from the Mother of the Forest.