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"I love DINO the Brand, the fabrics, core values and Suzanne herself. My favorite all time pieces are the SkirtPant - my go-to for all traveling - and the EveryWhere Pullover that I own in 5 colors. It's just that good!"

Jill Dailey, Founder - The Dailey Method

"Can I just tell you, DINO is my FAVORITE! Love you Suzanne Rijneveld, we must work together on a project. You are my fashion hero!"

Jeannie Jarnot, Founder of

"I want you to know that one of the most comforting things I had when my little girl was in the hospital, was my DINO caftan. I had all 3 of them brought to the hospital, and I wore them the entire time. They kept me warm and cool and so comfortable. Sounds silly to be grateful for clothes, but we both know they are much more than that. Much love!!!"

Julie Ligon, Owner - Barre3, Danville CA

"The secret to DINO is its beauty, breath, ability & grace. DINO is a must!"

Leslie Storms, Yoga Teacher, RN and Therapist

"I've been a huge fan of DINO since it came onto the scene in Santa Monica. As a yoga teacher and celebrity trainer, I live my life in workout clothes and need clothing that is functional and comfortable ... and fashionable. I found all of that in DINO. Thank you Suzanne, for letting me feel confident & sexy without compromising comfort."

Elise Joan, Celebrity Trainer -

Reason not Season

DINO was founded on the idea that there are no seasons when it comes to fashion. We believe that while the rain welcomes the snow, and the snow melts into the sun, what we wear is more a reflection of our lifestyle choices, our consumerism, and our functional needs, than nature's driving forces. So while fast-fashion has us feeling off-trend after a week of wear, our goal is to create timeless pieces that are not only fresh, functional, and feminine, but that will be worn for a reason, not just a season.