Writer Kahlil Gibran once said, “Work is love made visible;” words that truly capture the essence of DINO. Inspired by life as a single mother to my son Dino, DINO the brand was born one day on Montana Street in Santa Monica, where I sat watching women just like me leaving daycare, having morning coffee, running errands, just doing life. I thought to myself, “Why is it that women with busy lives leave home in the morning looking like they’re working out, when the real weight they’re lifting each day isn’t at the gym at all?” As women, we are in a state of perpetual motion as mothers, wives, daughters, friends. Whether we work in the office or at home, our daily routine can leave us feeling frazzled and less than feminine. Yes, we are generations of “women-on-the-go,” but must we really let ourselves go in the process? What I came to realize is that what women really seek is softness from the inside out. Clothing that fits their lifestyle and their bodies, equally. And with this vision I set out to create clothing that is soft on the skin, soft on the soul, and soft on the Earth. 

Dino, our rescue dog Leo and I live in Venice Beach, California. As a native to the agricultural vortex of Iowa, and having lived now most of my adult life in California, I continue to be inspired by the nature that surrounds us, from the fertile soil of  Midwestern fields to the powerful vibration of the Pacific Ocean. We operate out of a small family run studio in the Venice Canals District, which is home to much of the culture that inspires the DINO aesthetic and values. Our garments are made fabric to finished product in Downtown Los Angeles, using small family-owned and operated makers. 

Thank you for continuing to Live Softly with us, and for believing in the critical need for conscious fashion. 

xo Suzanne and Dino