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You may have heard me talk about DINO Soft Spots. Partners who have been the sustenance of DINO, and of me personally, since the dawn of the brand. I’ve worked with more than a few sales reps, from professional road reps to friends-of-friends looking for extra income. I’ve felt shame in not being "in a showroom” or "doing trade shows.” And more shame about not following the latest trends, fearing the line would become stale and undesirable. But what I came to realize early on was that the Business of Fashion was more about numbers, and less about story, which is the complete opposite of my vision for the brand. 

    As the business has grown, I've grown. And as I've learned more about the fashion revolution, I can say with confidence and pride that at this stage in the life of DINO our vision will continue to be that of depth. Depth in fabrics that are healthier for the planet and for the wearer, and in retail relationships that care for us as much as we care for them. What this means is that, from creating to connecting, we infuse meaning into what we do and how we do it. While some say e-commerce is the only way to grow, to cut out the middle man, or brick-and-mortar is dead ... We think differently. There are Soft Spots out there where we have deep connection. Destinations for DINO who share our story, give us a voice, honor our cause to clean-up the fashion supply chain without compromising quality. Places where we go to do more than shop. Havens for Living Softly. Whether it’s a mom seeking a comforting and kid-friendly place to workout, a person new to a city looking for connection, a wellness junkie looking for the latest and greatest in clean beauty or fashion, a Soft Spot is heart-centered, starting with the owner to the staff to the products they carry. 
    Every single happy customer has turned into emotional fuel for me. The fuel that stokes the engine of what is now DINO. These are a few of our partners who are using their passions as platforms for change, and we are honored to be just a small part of the soft landings they've created. 
    Beauty Heroes
    Beauty Heroes just celebrated their 5 year birthday, AND the opening of the Beauty Heroes Flagship store! As a long-time spa director, Jeannie Jarnot knows something about beauty. But the foundation of Beauty Heroes was built with more than just a shopping experience in mind, rather as a catalyst for change. As a passionate advocate for environmental and social welfare, Jeannie has committed herself to using her influence as a power tool for good. Beauty Heroes has set the stage for indie-beauty brands to share theirs stories, products, and causes as a collective working toward one mission: a healthy planet. Even amidst the growth of the company, all products offered are still curated and tested by Jeannie herself. What's unique about BH, is that the subscription service and store is formulated with discovery and education in mind. Every month an online subscription box features Discovery products from new and indie brands at a special discovery price. The goal of the discovery is just that --- for the world to discover and try new ethically sourced and produced products. Many of these products are also featured as permanent offerings in the online store, and now in the new Beauty Heroes Flagship store in Novato, CA where there is access to all of the online offerings and opportunities to interact with products and experienced staff. To further her commitment to Blue Beauty, Beauty Heroes is now part of the global movement 1% for the Planet, where members donate 1% of gross profits to fund initiatives that support environmental solutions.
    Destination discovery never looked so beautiful!
    The Dailey Method Corporation
    It's no secret that The Dailey Method, owned and operated by Jill Dailey herself, is one of THE most effective methods to heal and transform mind, body, and soul. However, what sets Jill and Co. apart is her commitment to slowing it down and going deeper, both in practice and in how she runs her business. While the barre fitness category has exploded within the past few years, Jill has focused on growth not just in numbers, but in depth of knowledge, relationships with her team, and creating a Dailey wellness lifestyle rather than simply a workout method. She has never sacrificed quality for the sake of quantity, and with that has built a loyal and dedicated franchise community that extends far beyond the barre. I have been blessed to work with Jill and The Dailey Method for many years, and am on awe of the passion and purpose Jill and fellow studio owners practice in their daily lives. 
    And if I haven't swooned over The Dailey Method enough, there is one studio in addition to the home office of Fairfax, CA, that is the ultimate destination DINO Soft Spot from the heart to the mat. The Dailey Method Birmingham Michigan, owned and operated by Carly Goidosik, has furthered their commitment to the Fashion Revolution by committing only to those brands who  are ethically sourced or produced with longevity in mind! Thank you Carly and team for being conscious curators, and for living and loving softly. 
    This month The Dailey Method franchise is hosting the annual Align & Shine challenge designed to deepen you practice. 
    Shine online!
    Stockholm Objects 
    Annette Brinkmeier and team have built something special, with one concept in mind - quality over quantity. Less is more is not a cliche when it comes to these beautiful boutiques, nestled in 3 locations in the Midwest - Hinsdale and La Grange IL, and the sweet town of Harbert, MI. We've worked with Annette and Co. since the beginning of our time, and what continues to inspire me about this DINO Soft Spot is the dedication Annette and buyer Tara have to curating the highest quality products with purpose. My personal passion for the integrity and minimalism of Northern European design with clean lines for a clear mind, and purposeful product for a healthy planet, makes Stockholm Objects a destination I am proud to call home!
    These are just a handful of companies and individuals who have a shared our vision of  Living Softly, and I'm very sure there are places and people out there  driving change in your community through the products and services they offer. I challenge you to seek them out and ask questions. Before making decisions on what brands and people we're supporting, we must first ask what value we're supporting. 



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