High Standards. Low Impact.


The beauty of being small is that we are relentlessly nimble.

Often we are asked if our product is made by hand. The answer is yes. Every garment passes through 5 pair of hands before it is touched by you. David's house knits the fabric, Jessica's house makes the patterns, Karol's house marks the blueprints for the cutter, Ray's house cuts the garment for the sewer, Omar's house sews the garments for the dye house, Jessie's house dyes the garments, and then they return to Omar for labeling. We design, develop and produce our garments in downtown Los Angeles with family owned-and-operated factories. We embrace our supply chain as partners, not vendors, working toward a common goal to deliver product that is high quality, high vibration, and low impact. We see ourselves as chefs in a kitchen, believing that what you put on your body is equally as important as what you put into your body. Our ingredients are harvested from nature, our kitchen is downtown LA, and we strive to create product that not only looks good, but that will leave you feeling as healthy as you are beautiful.

Pride for craftsmanship and community is the soul of DINO.