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For those of you who know me, you know that I love animals. Growing up in Iowa, an agricultural state, TV commercials bragged about how we had the best pork in the world. The “other white meat” they called it. My grandfather worked in a stockyard, my uncle was a cattle trader, and my dad worked for an engineering company that invented the hot-dog-making machine called the Frank-a-Matic. Yes, the instrument that symbolizes American gluttony. 

So it was an educated decision at age seventeen to give up meat. Being an Iowa girl back in the 80’s, this wasn’t always easy. But a diet consisting of corn and tomato sandwiches isn’t all that bad. While my decision to give up meat was based on my love of animals, I’m happy now at age fifty-two that I did. For all the health reasons we know now about factory farms, back then we didn’t know the dark side, because the internet didn’t exist.

I want to share some of the people and feeds who inspire me daily, who give themselves unconditionally. Their support and passion for animal rescue inspires me. Please follow, share, support... whatever moves you: 






This is why my love of what we call Botanical Cashmere runs deep. To me, these  words are much more than a marketing tagline. Cashmere is yummy, and to some it’s a girl’s best friend. But my best friends growing up were the living, and I choose to live softly by making products that are as soft on the skin as they are on the creatures of this earth. 

Botanical Cashmere, now online and shipping to our soft center retailers. We encourage you to go in to touch and feel!


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